What we check

  • Engine and oil
  • Internal and external lights
  • Tyres and thread
  • Electrics
  • Gauges
  • Fluids and filters
  • Brakes
  • Clutch
  • Battery
  • Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Wiring
  • Spark plugs
  • Suspension
  • Transmission
  • Windscreen and wipers

Car Servicing

Keeping your car healthy

Regular servicing can help keep your car in good shape and avoid potential problems. Whether you drive thousands of miles on the motorway during the the year or whether you do a lot of inner city driving it's always sensible to service you car for added peace of mind.
Failing to service your vehicle can cause issues in future and also will cause your vehicle to be more expensive to drive. To avoid breakdowns and improve the reliability of your car servicing is a good idea. If you are looking for a garage near Birmingham to service your vehicle then give us a quick call and we'll book you in.

Minor car service

For every 6000 miles / 6 months

A minor or interim service is suitable for drivers who use their car for short trips, city driving or have high mileage driving around town.

Car engine service

Perfect engine checkup

For extra peace of mind a car engine service will ensure your engine is in good shape and helps to uncover any potential problems before they happen.

Major car service

For every 12000 miles / 12 months

If you do a lot of miles on the motorway or driving is a key part of your job a major or full service is best. We will check over 70 separate points on your vehicle for you.

Van & Fleet servicing

Servicing your commercial fleet

If you have a fleet or vehicles you use for your business we can service them all to a high spec demanded by those in trade or commercial roles.

Book your car in for servicing in Birmingham.